Why choose Camp Araminta for my child?

As any camp director might, we often hear the question, “What’s so special about your camp week as opposed to others?” Behind this question is “Why should I send my child to Camp Araminta as opposed to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, horse camp, sports camp…?” We are much more than a camp. We are a community of believers that have a passion for youth, for strengthening their walk with God, and building them up in fellowship with other Christian youth.

 In December of 2008, the leadership team of Camp Araminta began talking about what we as Christian leaders and parents would want to see campers “take home” from their week of camp. We wanted to have more than just a random “church-y” program theme each year, and, given that some campers will attend for five years, we certainly wanted something new each year to challenge them to grow in Christ.

5 Essential Things:

The question we started with was “if a camper came for only one year, what five things would we want them to learn?” The answer became our guide for the structure of the discipleship program:

  • Creation – I am made and loved by God
  • Gospel – fall and redemption, life of Jesus
  • Community – where I fit in; my gifts and the Body of Christ
  • Holiness – engaging the culture; discernment and cultural filters; how to be in the world
  • Mission – taking the Gospel into the world according to our gifts; telling others

The first year any camper attends Camp Araminta, in their program time they hear these five things above, in essence showing them a Biblical worldview. After the first year, we go more in-depth with the themes, beginning with the Gospel. The years look like this:

  • Year 1 – Biblical Worldview
  • Year 2 – Gospel
  • Year 3 – Community
  • Year 4 – Holiness
  • Year 5 – Mission

Some campers may come one year, some three, some all five. Each year they will be in a track that builds on the year before it and challenges them to grow further in their faith and Christian walk.

I’m in High School…now what?

Araminta is dedicated to training teens and young adults to be Christian servants and leaders. In looking at how to still include teens that want to be a part of camp but are too young to serve as counselors-in-training, we have developed multiple tracks to server our teens.  We now offer a High School camp session aimed at all 9th grade campers and any older high schooler that has not attended Camp Araminta or that are not quite ready for our LIT program.  For those that are ready we have the idea for our “Flight Crew” was born.

Flight Crew

This program is for 10th hrough 12th graders. They fully participate in camp, learning further discipleship skills with an intensive serving program. They are an essential team that helps camp run smoothly by setting up, cleaning up, and assisting with activity areas. They also have a separate Bible study time and special activities for Flight Crew only. Even though they are not in the camper cabins, there is a special mentor relationship that develops between the Flight Crew and the campers as they help around camp.

Leaders-in-Training or LITs (10th through 12th graders)

These teens can fill one of many leadership roles at camp. LITs are required to have either worked one camp as a member of Flight Crew or worked as a Team Member at a Dynamos weekend. They use the discipleship skills that they have learned to assist the adult counselors or staff, care for, and minister to the campers. Some may choose to go the Counselor-in-Training path while others may find their gifts better suited in helping other areas such as worship leading, activity leading, administration, photography, technology, or assisting with program. 

The Counselors (age 18 and above)

Young adults committed to seeing our children and youth learn about following Christ in a fun-filled, whole-hearted way.

In working with teens and young adults, we ask them to understand that they are signing on to a community of faith when they apply for and accept one of these positions. As such they are reminded that they are role models for the campers and are expected to be accountable to each other and the leadership for their lifestyle and choices outside of summer camp.

God has provided us with a unique opportunity to spend a week at a beautiful camp, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot about our relationship with God and with one another. It is a powerful and exciting week that keeps the kids (and adults) coming back year after year!