Mission / Vision

Our Mission at Camp Araminta is:

To support the children and youth ministries of the congregations of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese by offering a short term intense experience of Christian community and discipleship.

Our Vision is:

Camp Araminta is one very active week with ongoing, exciting programs and activities that keep our kids busy from the crack of dawn until the evening. We are building Christian Community through fellowship, living the Christian ideal from day to day, and learning to hold each other accountable. We also encourage discipleship by teaching youth how to filter the culture around us and discern what we listen to, say, and do (in music, media, and games). We are a ministry dedicated to supporting our youth as well as our fellow Anglicans.

We are much more than a camp! We are a community of believers that have a passion for youth, strengthening their walk with God, and building them up in fellowship with other Christian youth. God has provided us with a unique opportunity to spend a week at a beautiful camp, have a lot of fun, and learn a lot about our relationship with God and with one another. It is a powerful and exciting week that keeps the kids coming back year after year!