Parent FAQ



When will applications be available?

Registration will begin on March 1st. Go to our Registration page to register online via UltraCamp.

How much does camp cost?

Please visit the Cost / Fees page for more information.

Can I get financial assistance?

Financial assistance may be available from your local Gulf Atlantic Diocese church. Please visit the Cost / Fees page for more information on this.

What if my child requires medication?

A camp nurse will be on site for campers with first aid and/or medication needs. Any medications needed at camp should be brought in original prescription containers and turned in to the camp nurse at check in. Specific instructions should be provided as to dosage and scheduled delivery times. Under no circumstances should the child be permitted to self-medicate (this is required by law). Please be sure all online information is up to date as well.

May I write to my child during the camp?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so. Please ensure that you allow adequate delivery time so that your letter does not arrive after your child has gone back home.

What is the address at camp?

c/o Camp Araminta
Lake Swan Camp
647 State Road 26
Melrose, Florida 32666

P.S. This IS the camp address!

Can I send care packages to my child?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do this as well. We do request that you avoid sending any discouraged items or excessive junk food. Please ensure that you allow adequate delivery time that your package not arrive after your child has gone back home.

How is the camp food?

Speaking from experience, it is great! The cooking staff is exceptionally gifted, the preparation is professional, and the food is very tasty. The food selections are made in advance to provide a balanced and nutritional selection of foods for the children. Very often there is a good amount of food left at meals, guaranteeing that your child will not go hungry at camp. Most meals include a kosher, vegan, or vegetarian option if this is desired. There is also always a salad/fruit bar and PB&J available. If your child has special dietary needs, please discuss this with our Camp Director or Camp Nurse when you initially register your child.

Should my child bring money to camp?

There will be a "Snack Shack" available for the children to purchase items such as sodas, snack foods, T-shirts and other souvenirs that may interest them. We recommend bringing about $10 to $15 for the week. The camp will keep a record of the monies deposited upon registration so the children will not have to keep track of it throughout the week.

What should my child know about coming to camp?

We have a Camper FAQ that answers some of the questions your child may ask. Please also examine this page for detailed information on what to pack for your child for their week at camp.

What if my question is not answered here?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we''ll do our best to answer your question.